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  1. L&A

    First steps in Winnipeg

    o.k , if you will get the answer , let us know, i will send the filled form + my PR( i have it) and i will ask as well if i can get some sort of document or confirmation or card i will post the answer...
  2. L&A

    First steps in Winnipeg

    looks like now we can fill in the E-form and just sent it to Manitoba Health not clear if need to go after or card will be sent by post , need to check this... http://www.gov.mb.ca/health/mhsip/forms.html#faq
  3. L&A

    Moving Expenses Deduction ???

    Hi Thanks a lot! I am still in Israel but i have permanent residence card I will check all this things after i will come to Winni... this summer thanks again for you help :super:
  4. L&A

    Moving Expenses Deduction ???

    About the statement that only resident can use it.... i for example did lending last year... and theoretically i am resident :) Lionking, do you know some Local tax specialist that i can ask? Thanks in advance
  5. L&A

    Moving Expenses Deduction ???

    Ты оперативно подключилса:)
  6. L&A

    Moving Expenses Deduction ???

    Thanks, i did read this before ( just was unable to attach this pdf ) and looks like we can use this option... so, if i am moving to Canada ,can i deduct the moving expenses ? If i get Israel income for example 40000 and spend for moving 20000 can i deduct it from my Israel net income ? do i need to keep all the bills for tickets, hotel, rent car .... Thanks
  7. всем привет хотел спросит совета, может кто знает ели я правилно понимаю то можно списать налоги за переезд http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/E/pbg/tf/t1-m/README.html катит ли ето в нашем случае? нужно ли сохранять квитанции? Например для детских денег надо сказат доход за прошлий год можно ли уменьшить доход на сумму переeзда? Thanks in advance