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  1. Candy

    Нужна "помощь зала"

    I would call Pay Pal
  2. Candy

    составление резюме

    Canadians=Immigrants :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  3. Candy


    Ha ha ha, just about the time. :rolleyes:
  4. Oh, it is a branch of Brick stores.
  5. Candy

    Кицур кейва

    I am sure there is. But as far as I know, they use here a new method which they dont have to open or close it after the surgery.
  6. Candy

    Детские сады

    You have a choice of either trust the person you leave your child with, or keep the child home. Snack it is not a breakfast. Feed your child breakfast at home, and if he is hungry he will be provided with snack. Snack it is an optional thing totally depending of the centre policies. Some daycares do not provide snack, but have a scheduled time for having snack from home. I dont want to be a judge for other daycares, but I am very confident that the Centre that I run, have a very nutrition menu for morning and afternoon snack. When I serve toast or waffles in the morning, fruit comes with it and milk. If I serve juice, I do not provide fruit.
  7. With one person bringing income into the family???? :blink: :blink: :blink: :blink: :blink:
  8. Candy

    логопеды, арт терапия и пр. в садах и школах

    Yes, there is. Child Development Clinic is located at Children's Hospital and specializes in language pathology, occupational therapy, clinical psychology, etc.
  9. Candy

    Детские сады

    that is interesting!! :rolleyes: how?? what are the chances?
  10. Candy


    It is definitely not a law to leave tips. But I guess it is something about social mores for some people, or just because it is expected, or just a habit. I look at it as I donate food or clothing.
  11. Candy

    Сегодня в Виннипеге резко похолодает

    no worries, today there is -31 :super:
  12. http://www.wholesaleclub.ca/LCLOnline/home...questid=2221729 Tap water is safe to use for cooking and drinking. But ... better safe then sorry. I used for many years water cooler. Last year I purchased a new fridge with option for water and ice. Works too :mf_prop:
  13. Candy


    as many as you wish: http://www.ywinnipegcamps.com/campstephens/ http://www.mbcamping.ca/individual-camps/campcedarwood.cfm http://www.mbcamping.ca/individual-camps/campassiniboia.cfm http://www.mbcamping.ca/individual-camps/campwannakumbac.cfm http://www.internationalmusiccamp.com/information/
  14. of course, this unlimited paid sick time has "small letters" effect :rolleyes: it says (I am sure) UNDER THE DESCRETION OF EMPLOYER