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  1. romy

    Канадское гражданство

  2. romy

    Канадское гражданство

    The whole process took 45 minutes (including interview). Last family was invited for an interview after an hour and 10 minutes. You can wear whatever you want. The officers wore jeans.
  3. romy

    Канадское гражданство

    А какая форма одежды? Костюм?
  4. romy


    We've just started our treatments at Dr. Rykiss Orthodontics. Our friends' kids go there, and they seem to have no issues. They seem to be ok. Consultation is free.
  5. romy

    Авто прокат

    Попробуй написать на kijji я там такое встречал
  6. romy

    Совет в выборе машины

    Согласен на 100% из личного опыты но тут есть маленький нюанс SUV с передним приводом продать тяжелее тоже из личного опыта
  7. romy

    Аналат хешбонот

    The designations still exist, but new applicants admitted based on new CPA rules (not sure what are they). For CMA, it is the last SLP year 1. We have 5 classes this year (usually there are 3 max). CGA will also have to transfer to CPA .
  8. romy

    Провайдер мобильной связи

  9. Всем привет! У нас был Journey 1.5 года. Модель sxt fwd 2009 года. Мы его брали в 2010 (4000км).Проблем не делал но наснегу вел себя плохо во всяком случае намного хуже чем Sienna. Если будете такой брать попробуйте найти с колесами 17". У Нас были 19" их просто нет в продаже а через сохнут ждать 30-40 дней и стоит 370$ колесо. А так машина удобная для 4 нормально. Сзади 6-7 место очень неудобно сидеть и залазить но для детей нормально, расход если память не изменяет 12 летом и 15-15.5 зимой.рекомендуемый бензин premium,но можно и обычный. Если есть доп.вопросы пишите.
  10. romy

    Детские сады

    3rd week of August in our daycare (you don't pay for this week). This is on top of statutory holidays.
  11. romy

    Пикник в Виннипеге! 2 Сентября в Бердсхил парке!

    On our way 2+2
  12. romy

    Лисинг или личная машина?

    всем хорошего дня! У нас два лисинга один на 2 года а второи на 5.Сиенна и сивик если у кога есть вопросы по условиям и ценам пишите буда рад поделиться.
  13. romy

    Совет в выборе машины

    просто так для информации, wait list на парковку у нас в компании in Downtown 7 лет...
  14. romy


    Я не Алексей, но :) Attached is information that I received from a friend of mine, as we were thinking to travel to Churchill. My friend is going to Churchill in July. " Well I have talked to my friends at the B&B and space is booking up very quickly for the summer. So, based on availability and best pricing the trip will work out as follows; Train from Thompson July 22nd @ 17:00 – Arrive in Churchill July 23rd @ 09:00 Returning from Churchill July 27th @ 19:30 – Arrive in Thompson July 28th @ 13:00. Based on the train schedule you would be able to drive to Thompson on July 22nd and drive home from Thompson on July 28th. So, you would not have to overnight in Thompson unless you wanted to explore Thompson. There will also be a group rate for ticket prices if we get enough people. ***The question was asked about flying. Of course this is an option but it is not an economical option. Last time I checked the price was in the $1,000 range from Winnipeg to Churchill return. If you are interested in flying you can try to book a flight using Airmiles but you would have to work on that immediately as I have been told those seats disappear very quickly. I also checked into the cost of chartering an airplane. This price ranged from $10,000-$12,000. So, once again it was not the most economical way to get to Churchill. The reason for the 4 nights instead of the 3nights is because they are offering us the 4th night for a very discounted price and the dog cart ride for everybody would also be included. As for meals, a very good homemade breakfast is included. I was also told that there is a very strong possibility that one of our other meals may also be included. We would also be able to use the kitchen if we wanted to buy our own food and cook for ourselves. This is recommended that we make our own lunches especially if we are out of town and touring around for the day. There are 5 rooms ( 1 – 2 single beds, 1 – 1 queen and a hide-a-bed, 3 – 1 double bed and a futon in 1 or 2 of the 3). So, if I can get a group of 10 people the whole house will be ours. This will help in receiving a discount on the rooms as well as the train which will help to keep our costs down. Some options available regarding tours/points of interest/sightseeing will be Kayaking, Beluga & Fort Prince of Wales tour, possible hiking trip to the Ithaca (depends on the tide and weather), Port of Churchill Tour, Churchill Northern Studies Tour, Eskimo Museum, bird watching, Miss Piggy, Goose Creek, Camp Nanuq, Cape Merry, Sloops Cove, Northern Lights (if the conditions are right), Town Complex, “Polar Bear Jail” (if no bears are in residence) and Parks Canada Interpretive centre (Presentations can be arranged and sometimes are already scheduled). Some of these will be at an additional cost but if booked in advance and with a group a discounted rate is possible. We will also have to pay for the fuel and rental fee of the van when exploring outside of town. There are a few reasons why I narrowed it down to July 22nd – 27th, 2013. First and foremost it was due to availability. Rooms are booking very quickly and if it’s possible for us to reserve all 5 rooms the price is exceptionally rated. As mentioned above, when we stay the extra night the cost will work out to our advantage as the 4th night is deeply discounted and the dog cart ride is included in the final price. Another reason is time of year. This time of year works out to be the best suggested time for beluga whales to be residing in the mouth of the river. There is also a much better possibility to see polar bears. My last reason is weather. There is a better chance we will have nice weather than if we had booked in August. I’m not saying that it will be beautiful weather the whole time we are there but it’s more likely. August can bring some pretty good rain and wind storms and much cooler temperatures. The price estimate I had given out previously was around $600per person. This price included the dog cart ride and an estimated cost for fuel from Winnipeg to Thompson. The breakdown below gives you a much better idea on how much it will cost and a breakdown as well. The price breakdown below does not include any group discounts, may change at time of booking and values are rounded for easy estimating. Train ticket Thompson to Churchill return - $129 per person Blue Sky Bed & Sled, 4 nights - $350 (divide by 2 = $175 per person) Dog Cart ride – included Van rental for 3 days - $300 plus fuel Additional costs – Kayaking with Beluga Whales, Beluga Whale and Fort Prince of Wales tour, meals, transportation to Thompson, parking in Thompson (donation to Thompson Fire Department), and souvenirs." Hope it helps...
  15. romy

    Совет в выборе машины

    Уровень проверю утром. Во втором ряду у нас стоят два бустера а между ними садится "нормальный"человек я пробовал (я наверное нормальный)